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Freedomgate Bible Camp Application

Sheepgate Christian Fellowship

Dear Group Leader,
Thank you for considering Freedomgate Bible Camp. The camp is owned and operated by Sheepgate Christian Fellowship, INC. We are located in Garth Alabama. Turn off highway 79 between Paint Rock and Gurley, Alabama on to state Highway 65. We are four miles down on the left hand side.

Freedomgate is a work in progress. Currently, we have twelve remote cabins of various sizes, mostly 16x16, set in the mountain. During camps, we locate portable restrooms near the cabins and regular facilities are close by as well with a total of nine showers. We have a movie room with drop screen and projector which also has a stage and can be used for a meeting room. We have excellent kitchen facilities, dining area, swimming pool, and plenty of recreational area. We are very early on in our camp building project and have much more to come...stay tuned.

Food Service
It is possible to provide food service for your event, however, aarrangements must be made at least two months prior to your event, including the menu you desire (or we can help plan one for you). We would also need to know the number of people we would be serving and the number of meals to be served each day. We cannot allow anyone to enter our commercial kitchen except our own personnel. If you would like to do your own food preparation, we have grills, including charcoal, gas grills, and an accessible small kitchen equipped with microwave, stove, refrigerator, sink, etc. We have an ice machine available as well.

Towels & Linens
We ask that campers bring their own towels and wash cloths. If you run out or forget, we can help you out. Linens and pillows may be supplied or campers may be required to bring their own depending on the type of event being held. This must be agreed upon prior to the event. We do have a washer and dryer on premises. If our linens are used, the beds must be stripped after the event and placed in the laundry bags which are located in each cabin. These bags must then be left in the cabin. Please place blankets and comforter folded on the beds.

Release Forms
Each person attending your event, including those who are not staying overnight, must sign a hold harmless form upon arrival. These forms are available on our website and will be available at the camp. Make as many copies as you need. Release forms are required to be signed by each adult and by the parent or guardian of each minor in attendance.

Emergency Contact Numbers
Huntsville Hospital256-265-1000
Jackson County Sherriff's
Poison Center1-800-462-0800
Camp Contacts
Aaron Hinshaw256-508-6941
Linda Webber256-776-9110 Cell: 256-426-6317
Randy Webber256-776-9110 Cell: 256-426-6318
Clay Webber256-426-1522

The camp must be cleaned up before you leave. We ask that the group leader do a final inspection of the cabins, meeting area, and grounds before leaving to ensure that this has occurred. We are trying to keep the costs of running and maintaining the camp as low as possible. Hiring people to clean up after an event is a major expense, so your cooperation in this will help us keep that factor out of our costs. We will provide a cleanup instructions sheet to help in organizing the effort. Please complete and sign the sheet before checking out.

Currently, the pool is only open during the months from June through August and only during certain hours. No swimming without a certified life guard present. No diapers allowed in the pool. A separate kiddy pool will be available for small children with diapers. Parents must attend these children. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool. We also hold baptisms in the pool at designated times.

We do not allow any tents or camper trailers on the permises. We are not set up to accomodate tents or trailers, thus campers must use the cabins.

General Rates
Use of camp bringing prepared food or grilling out only $13.00 per person per day. This does not include overnight stays.

Use of camp using our small kitchen and appliances (you provide your own supplies) to cook indoors $20.00 per person per day. There is a 2 night minimum with this rate.

Use of camp with meals prepared by our staff: $35.00 per person per day.

Breakdown of approximate cost of individual meals (charged in guests eating but not lodging).
Drinks$1.00 Water & Soft Drinks

There is absolutely no parking at the cabin sites. Your things will be transported for you by vehicle to the cabin, but parking is restricted to the parking lot. You may bring one or two ATVs per group to go to and from the cabins, especially for those who are handicapped. If this is not possible, let us know and we will try to make accommodations for you.

Sound Equipment and Instruments
Obviously, we have a tremendous amount of investment in sound and music equipment, which we will only make available on a restricted basis. No one may be in the sound booth or on the stage without permission of our worship leader and no one may use or handle any of the sound equipment or instruments without the permission and participation of our worship leader. *If you have children here, it is your responsibility to keep them away from this equipment! If you need to use sound equipment during your camp, you need to include this request in the other requests section of the application when you submit it. All questions about sound equipment or instruments should be referred to our worship leader: Clay Webber: 256-426-1522 or 256-776-5419 or

Wednesday and Sunday A.M./P.M. Services
Currently we are meeting in the main building on Wednesdays and Sundays. If your event is going on during our regularly scheduled service times, we would like to incorporate our services into your event if possible. We will let you run your event and just attend it, or we will help with it or participate in whatever way we can. Part of our vision is to build relationships and to promote unity in the body of Christ, so we are very excited to participate with other groups, or your group is welcome to participate in our regular services on Wednesdays @ 7p.m. and Sundays @ 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 6 p.m .

The leadership of Sheepgate Christian Fellowship would like to ensure that all the events held here at Freedomgate Camp are edifying to Christ. This camp is not open for just any type of public use. This camp is consecrated to the glory of God. Please briefly explain how your event will be used to edify Christ and His church.
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