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2016-02-18 16:23:51

Hello: Divine revelation can take you to an entirely different elevation. Every human being has four basic needs, and these are not just desires, but these are absolute needs that only God can fill. These include the need for acceptance, identity, security and purpose. Now everyone is reaching to fulfill these needs subconsciously whether they realize it or not. Take identity for instance. It is the desire to want to be special and belong. It is amazing to me how many Christians I meet are in an absolute identity crisis. Herein lies the solution. You may try many avenues in life to find fulfillment and still come up completely empty. Many seek identification through friends, spouse, education, employer, parents, church, money, children, or a myriad of other things .......but all of these relationships have one thing in common, they are totally unpredictable. They may be good and positive things, but they are not what Christians were created to find their identity in. They are all much too limited to fulfill that purpose in your life. And whenever we are dependent on people or things to provide us what they have, we become empty when they run dry. That is why we must have a source that can never run dry. When it comes to our personal identity, we must never choose a job or a person or a lifestyle to identify with........they are much too limited to define who we are. We can only be completed by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You would be amazed, or maybe not, how many people go through life trying to pull out of others what only God can provide and all they ever get is disappointed. Paul put it like this......For me to live is Christ....If you can realize your position in Christ you can change your condition in life. That means if you know who you are, there is POWER in that revelation to change your elevation in life.......... When the prodigal son, was in the worst season of his life, it was the revelation of his identity that brought him out. He was literally in a hog pen. He was in deep sin. He had wrecked every relationship he had. He had ripped it with everyone who loved him. But one day he remembered, He was his Fathers son. He said I will arise and go to my Father. He reasoned, at least he will treat me as well as a servant..........He underestimated the Father........but He had a revelation of his own identity that caused his conditions to change. And he started immediately down the road to prosperity. You can do the same. Stop limiting yourself, learn who you are in Christ. You are a Son or a Daughter of the Most High God! Love and Blessings Pastor Randy

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