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2014-04-08 07:53:32

Hello: Have you ever been asked...Who are you to Judge? Well actually, I'm nobody! God has already judged. Our job is to come into agreement with His judgement. That really takes all the pressure off doesn’t it? God is the judge. God has judged the things that pertain to our lives and multitudes are still wrestling with the issues of life everyday because they refuse to get revelation of His Word and come into agreement with Him. Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you......For instance I talk with singles all the time...some boy likes some girl, she doesn’t have to wonder...is he the one....he’s not even born again...stay away from him...there is a principle of God that has already judged this...be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers....II Cor 6:14....If she wants to argue....just remember...this is not our judgement...this is heavens judgement...but it's still free CHOICE....we don’t have anything against this kid....we love him and want him to come into the Kingdom. She's still sure he’s the one! FINE. But the Word will not change for her, for me, for you, or for anyone else...and when you choose to transgress God’s principle, you walk into the curse, instead of the blessing of the Lord... knowingly or unknowingly, you will reap what you sow. Maybe you’ve got a guy wanting to go into business with you, he has a ton of cash, you have the equipment and the money, a match made in heaven, right? But he’s not saved. So wrong move. You don’t even think about it. Same principle applies. God has already judged this. Oh, it’s so tempting, because he has all that cash money and he’s ready to go, all I have to do is just say yes. Well, GO AHEAD IF YOU MUST...it's still your choice....But God’s blessing will not follow violators. You will be on your own operating outside the parameters of His Word....These things are easy, peazy when you follow the Word of God. They may hurt your heart, they may rip up the emotions, but they are easy to judge, because you don’t ever have to make the call. It will hurt a lot more if you violate the principles of God...the wages of sin always work death! Maybe you’ve got a friend that wants to go in halfers on a boat, he’s got the cash, you got the cash, the boat is across the street, we both love to fish and we can have it tonight, and be at the marina at dawn.....he’s not saved but he goes to church sometimes....and he is my brother in law....that doesn’t matter......God’s principle is all that matters......now God has already judged this stuff...but it is amazing how many people....even ministers who wrestle with this simple stuff continually and they keep trying to gray the situation up with extenuating facts....and because they do......the blind are leading the blind....and many are falling into the ditch every day. Learn the principles of life....Apply them in every area of your life...If you don’t, the enemy of your soul is just lurking in the darkness.......seeking whom he may devour.......what about child raising, marriage, work ethic, friends, finances, you name it, God has already judged......learn the principles.... Love and Blessing Pastor Randy

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