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2014-03-31 18:25:02

Hello: Have you ever heard of Covenant? It means this.....Every sin that man can ever commit has already been forgiven, removed, erased, done away with, wiped out! Your sins have been covered with the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. The gospel means good news and the good news is not that God might forgive you some glad day if you will walk the white chalk line. The good news is that you are already forgiven if you only come to Christ and accept that forgiveness. The good news is not that God will reconcile us to Himself, but that He has already reconciled the entire world to Himself through the finished work at Calvary. This is the glorious message and the mystery of the gospel made possible and accessible to you through the Blood Covenant. This blood covenant was pictured all through the scripture. In the garden by the Adamic covenant, bruising the heel of the seed of the woman, but crushing the head of the serpent.....in the Noahcian covenant, the destruction of all flesh, but preserving the seed in the ark of safety.......in the Abrahamic covenant, blessing through faith realized through the Son of promise......in the Sinaitic covenant, the Law given, broken, working death and fulfilled by Love.....in the Levitical covenant ....reconciliation through priestly atonement....Jesus is our high priest...we become a priesthood after a new order, Melchizedek......the Davidic covenant...the King comes through the geneology of David....and His throne is established forever...and the Messianic or the New covenant...through Christ writing His law on our hearts and showing his death and life in a people....til he comes. Seven covenants in all, the number of perfection and completion, which is what the blood covenant of Christ is....perfect and complete. When they pierced His precious side, and the blood and water flowed out, God himself was cutting an everlasting covenant with the entire human race. Myriads are living in bondage today under the influence and sway of the dark kingdom, though covenant has been cut and God has delivered us out of Satan’s power and completely stripped the devil of his power and authority over us. The doors of the prison have been ripped from their hinges: torment, fear, misery, heartache, poverty, depression, sickness, defeat, all belong to that kingdom....and everything else that steals, kills or destroys. God has sent His Son to deliver us and redeem us back into the Kingdom of His dear Son. Jesus holds all the keys, and He’s willing to give you all that He has, and make you joint heirs with Himself.......Come and Ask......the enemy has been defeated........A Blood Covenant was Cut for your sake......... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy

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