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2014-03-21 22:24:33

Hello: On Saturday afternoon at 4o’clock, we held an ordination service at Sheepgate Christian Fellowship. Our friend Vincent Skinner of World Revival Ministries, from Tampa, Florida, was the moderating evangelist. Candidates for ordination were Aaron Hinshaw and Clay Webber and candidate for licensed minister was Zach Harbin. It has been our great honor over the last couple decades to speak into the lives of those God has called into Christian ministry. We are especially fortunate here at Sheepgate to have a high percentage of anointed ministers who are offering themselves up to be used in the work of the Kingdom. Currently we have six couples in our second school of ministry which is now in its second year. We are very pleased with the progress and potential of this dynamic group of young ministers. After Pastor Vincent addressed all the candidates, we moved to the laying on of hands. Pastor Vincent, myself (Pastor Randy), Pastor Don Randolph of Eagles Nest Ministries, and Elder Gary Hinshaw prayed over each one of the candidates and then the friends and family members were invited to give them words of encouragement and love. We then shared a meal and fellowship time before the evening Come Holy Spirit Conference service. These ordination appointments are actually long overdue. Clay and Amanda and Aaron and Mandy have been ready to step up into their pastoral duties for quite some time. They are all faithful and capable ministers, they certainly have the shepherds heart, and they have been managing many of the responsibilities of our camp and outreach operations for years. They have been leading worship, teaching, preaching and speaking into the lives of others as well. Additionally they act as associate pastors when needed. Pray for them as they continue to move deeper into their destinies. Pray for Zach and Chelsey as God opens new doors for them as a ministry team. Opportunities are great, and they also present new challenges, and new challenges, mean new obstacles to overcome. It is through this process that we are forced to deal with our own weakness. But we glory in our weakness, because here we find His strength is truly sufficient. The scripture comes alive for us through real live ministry. Never fear the unknown! God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, and power, and of a sound mind......God has great things in store for all of you......Check out the 2014 Ordination and License service Album for pics!! Love and Blessings Pastor Randy

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