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2014-03-19 14:27:02

Hello: We are all pretty much creatures of habit. We like the predictable and the mundane especially when it comes to our provision. Like most living things, we usually prefer the path of least resistance. Sometimes God will shake everything up in our lives. In Christ we certainly walk in the blessing of the Lord, but every now and then God changes channels in order to direct those blessings into our lives. A channel is a waterway, the deeper part of a river...and God has infinite options when choosing the rivers he may use to pour into our lives. He sent the ravens to bless Elijah at the brook Cherith. They brought him flesh and bread. God caused the brook itself to flow with blessing, for Elijah could drink there of its’ cool clear water. But one day God changed channels of blessing. The brook dried up and the ravens didn’t fly that way anymore. It is in these moments, our faith is truly tested. We can’t allow ourselves to fall apart, when these times come. This is the time to listen for the new instructions. God commanded Elijah to Zidon, where a widow became the new waterway for his blessing and he for hers. You may be the channel of blessing that God wants to use to route his love to someone else. The first step is to forget about receiving and to be about relieving. Set your heart on helping someone! Can you help ease somebody’s pain....help heal their heartache? help bear their burden? Begin to listen for the Spirit as he directs you in a particular course. The first rule of business is to find a need and fill it. Your brook may have dried up, but I assure you heaven has not. The raven may not fly your way anymore but God has not forgotten you! Maybe you got laid off and you never thought that could happen to you, maybe that marriage is on the rocks and you were thinking things were great; whatever we are dealing with our Gods’ grace is sufficient for us, and He is still in the business of sending rivers to you and through you..... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy

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