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2014-03-18 21:58:37

Hello: It doesn’t take a degree in Military Science to understand that we are living in a world ablaze with conflict. Often the variance spills over into outright warfare and plays itself out on many fronts all across the globe. Understandably, many are frightened today and deeply troubled as they perceive even greater dangers brewing on the horizon. As ugly as things may seem in the physical sphere, there is an even higher level of intensity of violence raging in the unseen realm, as the enemy of man vies for his very soul. The word of God assures us, as the saints of God, that we are not at war with flesh and blood. Our enemy is of a spiritually dark nature and quite ruthless. One of the primary battlegrounds of this warfare is in the arena of the human mind. Spiritual warfare calls for spiritual weapons and we have been provided a two-edged sword. As with any weapon, it is not enough to possess it, you have to be proficient with it as well, or it is of little use. If we are to prevail against the wiles of the evil one, it is absolutely essential that we align our thoughts with the mind of Christ. The strategy of the enemy is to influence our thinking through lies, deception, and all that is false. It is not too difficult to look at a persons’ attitude and discern what kind of thinking is prevalent in his life. For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.....Prov 23:7. Do not kid yourself that because you know some scriptures, own a few bibles, grew up in church or around good God loving folks, that you are prepared for the enemy. I assure you, that will not protect you. It is imperative that you make the word of God the meditation of your own heart. When you begin to feed on the word of God day and night, the Spirit of God has a chance to bring the seed of the word to fruition in your life. We can become like trees planted by the rivers of water; fruitful trees, healthy trees...and whatever we set our hand to do will begin to prosper.....and our enemy will soon find himself with our foot on his neck... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy

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