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2014-03-12 21:50:28

Hello......I think everyone like me is so looking forward to springtime. The winter season has been long and hard for people all over the fruited plain, and already we are seeing certain signs of hope. The tractors are firing up and people are beginning to cultivate the fallow ground, and soon the fields all over our beautiful valley will turn green and the age old cycle of seed, time and harvest will repeat itself. Nature teaches us that we are not intended to be fruitful in every season of life, but every season of life is necessary to our fruitfulness. We may not enjoy every season we must pass through in our journey of life, but God is always there. Even in those winter-like times when everything seems cold and barren and it feels like nothing will ever spring up again, we can be sure that God's hand has not moved and He is not finished with us. All things work together for good to them that are called according to his purpose..... An apple tree does not produce in every season, but it endures every season. Seasons of youth, seasons of hardness, seasons of sunshine and rain, but in its maturity and in its time, under the right grower's hand, it can become a very fruitful tree. Our lord is an awesome cultivator. In fact, he said, "I am the vine, and you are the branches." He is a most intimate partner in your growth and fruitfulness. The branches are the fruitful portion of the vine. It is in abiding in him, or growing up in him, that we will, in our season, find ourselves becoming very fruitful. Consider the lily. The lily does not toil, nor spin. It simply grows in what it is planted in. We have been planted in the Lord, Christ Jesus. Grow in him and you, like the lily, will be clothed by his glory and brought to fruitfulness..... Love and blessings, Pastor Randy.

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