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Post Subject: CHANNELS
Post Time: 03/19/2014 2:27 PM
Post: Hello: We are all pretty much creatures of habit. We like the predictable and the mundane especially when it comes to our provision. Like most living things, we usually prefer the path of least resistance. Sometimes God will shake everything up in our lives. In Christ we certainly walk in the blessing of the Lord, but every now and then God changes channels in order to direct those blessings into our lives. A channel is a waterway, the deeper part of a river...and God has infinite options when choosing the rivers he may use to pour into our lives. He sent the ravens to bless Elijah at the brook Cherith. They brought him flesh and bread. God caused the brook itself to flow with blessing, for Elijah could drink there of its’ cool clear water. But one day God changed channels of blessing. The brook dried up and the ravens didn’t fly that way anymore. It is in these moments, our faith is truly tested. We can’t allow ourselves to fall apart, when these times come. This is the time to listen for the new instructions. God commanded Elijah to Zidon, where a widow became the new waterway for his blessing and he for hers. You may be the channel of blessing that God wants to use to route his love to someone else. The first step is to forget about receiving and to be about relieving. Set your heart on helping someone! Can you help ease somebody’s heal their heartache? help bear their burden? Begin to listen for the Spirit as he directs you in a particular course. The first rule of business is to find a need and fill it. Your brook may have dried up, but I assure you heaven has not. The raven may not fly your way anymore but God has not forgotten you! Maybe you got laid off and you never thought that could happen to you, maybe that marriage is on the rocks and you were thinking things were great; whatever we are dealing with our Gods’ grace is sufficient for us, and He is still in the business of sending rivers to you and through you..... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Time: 03/18/2014 9:58 PM
Post: Hello: It doesn’t take a degree in Military Science to understand that we are living in a world ablaze with conflict. Often the variance spills over into outright warfare and plays itself out on many fronts all across the globe. Understandably, many are frightened today and deeply troubled as they perceive even greater dangers brewing on the horizon. As ugly as things may seem in the physical sphere, there is an even higher level of intensity of violence raging in the unseen realm, as the enemy of man vies for his very soul. The word of God assures us, as the saints of God, that we are not at war with flesh and blood. Our enemy is of a spiritually dark nature and quite ruthless. One of the primary battlegrounds of this warfare is in the arena of the human mind. Spiritual warfare calls for spiritual weapons and we have been provided a two-edged sword. As with any weapon, it is not enough to possess it, you have to be proficient with it as well, or it is of little use. If we are to prevail against the wiles of the evil one, it is absolutely essential that we align our thoughts with the mind of Christ. The strategy of the enemy is to influence our thinking through lies, deception, and all that is false. It is not too difficult to look at a persons’ attitude and discern what kind of thinking is prevalent in his life. For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.....Prov 23:7. Do not kid yourself that because you know some scriptures, own a few bibles, grew up in church or around good God loving folks, that you are prepared for the enemy. I assure you, that will not protect you. It is imperative that you make the word of God the meditation of your own heart. When you begin to feed on the word of God day and night, the Spirit of God has a chance to bring the seed of the word to fruition in your life. We can become like trees planted by the rivers of water; fruitful trees, healthy trees...and whatever we set our hand to do will begin to prosper.....and our enemy will soon find himself with our foot on his neck... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: FAILURE
Post Time: 03/18/2014 3:44 PM
Post: Hello: Zig Zigler used to say, “Remember that failure is an event, not a person”. I meet so many people that seem to have forgotten that fact or maybe they never knew it. The bible makes it plain that we have all failed. We have all come short of the glory of God. The human condition guarantees that we are all prone to failure now and again. How we respond to failure is a matter of the Spirit we choose to yield to. I think a lot of people may be struggling with a terminal identity crisis. Even after many years of being Christians some saints still seem to have no sense of who they are in Christ. Like an orphan who has been legally adopted into a wonderful family, given all the rights and privileges, and loved and cared for in the most extravagant way. Outwardly and from a distance, everything appears fine. But in their heart of hearts, they are really still just orphans on the inside. They have never seen themselves as children. They never really accepted their position in the family and their new life in Christ. But all provision was granted them through the finished work of the cross. God has no stepchildren. To as many as received Him, those that believe in His name, gave He power to become the sons of God......John 1:12 We really are more than conquerors in Christ. Sure we may stumble in this world. But the attitude that will determine our altitude, will be determined by who we believe ourselves to be in Christ. Are we not the sons and daughters of the Most High God? Hasn’t He dealt with our failures and set us on the Solid Rock? Can we really do all things through Christ Jesus, does He really strengthen us....What about our weakness? Paul said that he was full of weakness.......and when he became aware of a weakness in his life....he didn’t get all upset, he recognized it as a good place to glory. He understood a principle that is true of all of Gods’ children. It is in our weakness....that the strength of our Father finds a place to operate. So, Paul said, you know what? I’m not going to walk around talking about what a failure I am because of this weakness and that limitation, rather, I am going to glory in my weakness......and I am going to go about my work boasting big time about how awesome my Father is.....and do you know who I am? I am a son, I am a daughter ...and in the midst of my weakness, I will feel my Fathers’ strong arms reaching for me and embracing me....yes, I may fail from time to time, I may even fall.......but I never worry....because I walk in the knowledge now, of who I am and whose I am, and if I fall..........I will fall no further than into my Fathers hand.......He is mine...and I am his. Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: NAVIGATE
Post Time: 03/17/2014 6:22 PM
Post: Hello: We all have to get places in our lives and sometimes that proves to be a lot more difficult than we think it’s going to be. There are several factors involved. One is the degree of difficulty presented by the terrain. Another is our mode of transport and yet another is how well we have learned to navigate. Those who pilot the high seas or traverse the skies learn quickly that to try to navigate by sight would mean certain destruction. It is imperative that you learn to rely on and trust in the instruments even when everything within you might be signaling something different. In other words you may not rely on your human senses to navigate. They are just unreliable. You must focus on your instruments, or your compass. In the supernatural realm, we have been given a spiritual compass, in the person of the Spirit of God who has indwelt every believer. He is our compass. His function in our lives is to lead us into all truth: to show us things to come. We may not rely on human emotion, as it is fleeting and ever changing. Emotions come and go, but the Spirit of God is unchanging. The words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are Life.......John 6:63 We may not rely on sight, as things are not always as they appear. Besides that, we are only able to see a fraction of the whole picture, but God sees all things. The Spirit sees all there is to see. So we rely on the Spirit, even when we do not understand, He sees. He is omniscient. We may not rely on human intellect. Our human reason, intellect and logic has its boundaries. If we navigate by that, we will certainly miss the infinite knowledge that may be tapped by allowing ourselves to navigate by the Spirit of God. Honestly, we don’t want God to be our co-pilot. As long as I am the pilot, I am always going to introduce my emotion, my insights, my intellect.......what I want is Him to pilot my ship. If he is at the helm he will chart my course and safely take me there. I’m not saying we won’t have to go through the storms and the turbulence and the battering of the journey, of course we will. But he will get us there, safely, and on time. Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: Fruitful
Post Time: 03/12/2014 9:50 PM
Post: Hello......I think everyone like me is so looking forward to springtime. The winter season has been long and hard for people all over the fruited plain, and already we are seeing certain signs of hope. The tractors are firing up and people are beginning to cultivate the fallow ground, and soon the fields all over our beautiful valley will turn green and the age old cycle of seed, time and harvest will repeat itself. Nature teaches us that we are not intended to be fruitful in every season of life, but every season of life is necessary to our fruitfulness. We may not enjoy every season we must pass through in our journey of life, but God is always there. Even in those winter-like times when everything seems cold and barren and it feels like nothing will ever spring up again, we can be sure that God's hand has not moved and He is not finished with us. All things work together for good to them that are called according to his purpose..... An apple tree does not produce in every season, but it endures every season. Seasons of youth, seasons of hardness, seasons of sunshine and rain, but in its maturity and in its time, under the right grower's hand, it can become a very fruitful tree. Our lord is an awesome cultivator. In fact, he said, "I am the vine, and you are the branches." He is a most intimate partner in your growth and fruitfulness. The branches are the fruitful portion of the vine. It is in abiding in him, or growing up in him, that we will, in our season, find ourselves becoming very fruitful. Consider the lily. The lily does not toil, nor spin. It simply grows in what it is planted in. We have been planted in the Lord, Christ Jesus. Grow in him and you, like the lily, will be clothed by his glory and brought to fruitfulness..... Love and blessings, Pastor Randy.
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