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Post Subject: PRAY
Post Time: 03/24/2014 1:28 PM
Post: Hello: Perhaps the greatest assembly ever held in all of church history originated in a simple upper room where a hundred and twenty of the saints gathered together for a ten day prayer meeting. “These all with one accord continued steadfastly in prayer” Acts 1:14. The results of this incredible meeting are recorded in the second chapter of Acts. And all the folk that attended, became full of the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. The Wind of God blew upon them, the Fire fell, and at the end of the day about 3000 souls were translated from the kingdom of darkness and added to the Kingdom of Light. Now this great prayer event was not something birthed from excitement or some kind of emotional phenomenon. It was not just a bunch of Jesus freaks trying to get something started. This was the fulfillment of the prophetic utterance of the Word of God..... It also proved to be a real and continued spiritual awakening. The book of Acts confirms that these disciples continued in the Apostles teaching, in fellowship, in the breaking of bread, in prayers, and that people were being added to the church, day by day, such as were being short, true Christian revival had broken out. Not what is passing for revival today!! The fact is almost every great awakening and true Christian revival, throughout history, has been preceded and rooted, in authentic Spirit led prayer. It is time that we look upon the harvest fields of our Lord and become moved with heartfelt compassion again, like the fathers of our faith were moved....we have a very limited time to get the wheat into the barn.........For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first..........I Thess 4:16 Love and Prayers Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: RAIN
Post Time: 03/23/2014 8:42 PM
Post: Hello: Are you looking for the rains of heaven to fall, that refreshing prophetic cloudburst of the Pentecostal power to come and reinvigorate the saints of God for the work of the Kingdom. Well guess what.......100 years ago John G. Lake and the saints he was ministering to where already experiencing the early drops of a supernatural downpour. But the interesting thing is that he was looking forward to a day when the showers would be in much greater abundance...... Way back in 1914 he wrote this: but bless God, I tell you we are living in an hour when the Spirit of God has come into the world afresh, when the consciousness of mankind is opening up to God in a manner that they have never opened before. There is an awakening in the world from ocean to ocean, from pole to pole, as there never was before. And I believe, bless God, that God Almighty’s outpouring of the Spirit upon all flesh is at hand. And though we are receiving the droppings and our hearts are being warmed under the impulse of the Spirit, the day is not far distant when the flame of God will catch the soul of mankind. And the Church of the latter day will close this era with a place of divine glory excelling that of the early Church. This is according to the prophecy of the word. “If the former rain was abundant, shall not the latter rain be more abundant.” Bless God. If the disciples, without the train of Christian history behind them that you and I have were able to enter into the divine consciousness and power of the Holy Spirit in such a way that they have left a stamp upon Christianity, how much more shall men and women who have the advantage of two thousand years of Christian record enter into a diviner consciousness than ever the apostles possessed? Has the flame of God caught your soul? Listen close? Do you hear the sound of abundance of rain? Do you see clouds forming over the mountaintops? If the land has been in famine.....there is no better time for rain.....and we have a prophetic Word from a very good source on that very subject........ out of your belly shall flow rivers.............. Love and Rivers Pastor Randy
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Post Time: 03/22/2014 10:44 AM
Post: Hello: Hope everyone made it out to our Wild Beast Feast 2014. Brad Clay from Pursuit Channels, Final Descent Outdoors television program flew in from Oklahoma to host for us. He was a remarkable speaker, even for a Sooner fan! Seriously, Brad is an AWESOME man of God and when he is not hunting wild game across the fruited plain, he is hunting souls for the Kingdom of God. Our kind of guy! We were so blessed to have him come to Alabama and hang out with us for a while. And we are hoping things will work out so we can do it again. It was a learning experience as well, for instance I learned that Okie’s like to eat just about anything that walks, swims, creeps, or crawls, and in mass quantities. One of the reasons the Lord directed us to do the Wild Beast Feast is to reach out to men and women who otherwise would probably not show up at church. It’s not that most of them don’t believe in God, they surely do. We are southern after all! But we tend to love God in our own way. We tend to think of the deer stand and the great outdoors as our church and that thought has been romanticized by many outdoor writers and we all can relate to that because, man, we can appreciate Gods beautiful creation with the best of them. But fact of business is, God ordained His church to assemble together, to carry his Holy Spirit, to function in unity as a team and to carry his gospel to the earth. He called US the light of the world. We all love it there, but you can only shine so brightly from a tree stand. The deer stand is not our church. And we can never live an effective and productive Christian life in isolation from the body of believers that God ordained we be part of. It’s just a selfish notion to think that we can. Paul teaches that we are all members of a body, the body of Christ, and that means responsibility. We were baptized into it, the day we made Christ our Savior. I grew up saying things like I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian! It’s much like saying, I don’t need to ever come home to be a husband. How would that work out? Sure you can be a husband, and never see or support your wife. But if that’s your attitude you’re not really husband material....... You can never be an effective or productive Christian without assembling yourselves together with the saints. That is why the bible says .......Do it! That’s who you belong to, that’s the family, that’s where the responsibilities are, and that’s where the assignment is. And really, why wouldn’t that be your desire, if you were a Christian. It's called LOVE!! Don’t forget to catch Brads show Dish Network 393 • Direct TV 604 Monday 9:00am EST, Thursday 4:00pm EST, Sunday 6:00pm EST.........CHECK OUT 2014 BEAST FEAST PICS ON PHOTO ALBUM. Love and Gator Tail Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: ORDAIN
Post Time: 03/21/2014 10:24 PM
Post: Hello: On Saturday afternoon at 4o’clock, we held an ordination service at Sheepgate Christian Fellowship. Our friend Vincent Skinner of World Revival Ministries, from Tampa, Florida, was the moderating evangelist. Candidates for ordination were Aaron Hinshaw and Clay Webber and candidate for licensed minister was Zach Harbin. It has been our great honor over the last couple decades to speak into the lives of those God has called into Christian ministry. We are especially fortunate here at Sheepgate to have a high percentage of anointed ministers who are offering themselves up to be used in the work of the Kingdom. Currently we have six couples in our second school of ministry which is now in its second year. We are very pleased with the progress and potential of this dynamic group of young ministers. After Pastor Vincent addressed all the candidates, we moved to the laying on of hands. Pastor Vincent, myself (Pastor Randy), Pastor Don Randolph of Eagles Nest Ministries, and Elder Gary Hinshaw prayed over each one of the candidates and then the friends and family members were invited to give them words of encouragement and love. We then shared a meal and fellowship time before the evening Come Holy Spirit Conference service. These ordination appointments are actually long overdue. Clay and Amanda and Aaron and Mandy have been ready to step up into their pastoral duties for quite some time. They are all faithful and capable ministers, they certainly have the shepherds heart, and they have been managing many of the responsibilities of our camp and outreach operations for years. They have been leading worship, teaching, preaching and speaking into the lives of others as well. Additionally they act as associate pastors when needed. Pray for them as they continue to move deeper into their destinies. Pray for Zach and Chelsey as God opens new doors for them as a ministry team. Opportunities are great, and they also present new challenges, and new challenges, mean new obstacles to overcome. It is through this process that we are forced to deal with our own weakness. But we glory in our weakness, because here we find His strength is truly sufficient. The scripture comes alive for us through real live ministry. Never fear the unknown! God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, and power, and of a sound mind......God has great things in store for all of you......Check out the 2014 Ordination and License service Album for pics!! Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: FAITH
Post Time: 03/20/2014 12:52 AM
Post: Hello: We all know we need good old fashioned currency if we hope to do business with the world. In fact, we want all we can get. The Electric Company, Walmart and Piggly Wiggly won’t conclude transactions based on faith. They all insist on genuine American greenbacks, backed up by the full faith and credibility of the United States Government. On the other hand if you happen to have business with heaven, Federal Reserve notes are completely worthless. Faith is the only recognized currency of the Kingdom, and if you want to have any dealings in that realm, nothing is accessible without it. God has given every man a measure of faith to work with, and what we do to increase it, is entirely up to us. It is important that we grow our faith. Obviously faith is measurable, for the bible makes many references to its measure: much faith, little faith, great faith, weak faith, strong faith, and rich faith are among them. There are two things we must do to grow our faith. We have to feed it on the word of God and we have to exercise it. The word of God is faith food. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God...Mth 4:4......... Gods word will build assurance, confidence and faith in your heart. Next you must exercise your faith. Failure to exercise faith, is like trying to eat all the right foods to keep your body healthy, without ever working out. You just get flabby and out of shape. If you plan to move mountains, you are going to need to develop a strong faith, and that means exercising the faith you already have. Remember, you have to start where you are. Even a journey of ten thousand miles begins with the first step. Don’t try to over reach, and believe beyond your faith: feed your faith, work out and work up...... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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