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Post Subject: OUR HEAD
Post Time: 04/05/2014 4:19 PM
Post: Hello: Most of you are familiar with Paul’s analogy that we are the body of Christ and that Christ is the Head of the church. The bible uses many of these parallels to show the union we have with Christ: The vine and the branches, the living stones and the chief corner stone, limbs grafted into the olive tree, etc. As we have become one with Christ, we were connected to the Head, through the indwelling of the Spirit. We need to understand our function as the Body of Christ is very important to the practical expression of the plan of God in the earth. The Head is like the “control tower” or the “command center” of the Body. From the Head flows the current of divine and supernatural signals that should move the Body. Located in the head is the brain. We are not the “brains” of this operation. Our Father is! That is why we must not try to navigate by intellect, reason, emotion, or natural sight..... we walk in the Spirit. The brain sends signals to every member of the body. The organs of vision are located in the head. Without a vision (which speaks of supernatural revelation) we will surely perish, because we will find ourselves continually in darkness. With no heavenly revelation, even those passing as spiritual leaders are the blind, leading the blind. The ears are also located in the head....... let him who has ears to hear...... The body cannot hear the Spirit of God, if they are listening from the natural plane. The natural man does not and cannot understand the things of God....His words are Spirit and are spiritually communicated to our Spirit and discerned... The nose is also situated in the head and speaks of spiritual discernment, which is our capacity to have supernatural clarity about people, things and situations. We cannot experience discernment without an intimate connection in Him. We may only speculate and draw conclusions from the natural evidence without supernatural discernment. And finally the mouth is located in the Head and out of the mouth flow all the speaking gifts: teaching, preaching, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, tongues, interpretation, etc. Too much of what is being said today and volumes of what has been said, in the name of Christ, obviously has no connection to our Head, who is Christ. Therefore it is Anti-Christ. The enemy does not introduce himself, hat in hand. He comes to counterfeit the function of the Head in your life.........He often appears as an angel of light (A messenger of revelation).......though he is really an ambassador of deception.......the problem with being deceived is won’t know you are fact, you will be certain that others are!! ARE YOU GETTING MIXED SIGNALS? ARE YOUR SIGNALS GETTING CROSSED? Suspect the enemy! Stay intimate with Christ, trust the Spirit. A couple of His functions are to lead us into all truth, to show us things to come.... let the Spirit search you...........He is our Head...........He does the thinking for the Body....and He is never wrong!!! ...Let this mind be in you........Phil 2:5.....Let God be true...and every man a liar....Rom 3:4 Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: DRAW
Post Time: 04/03/2014 6:03 PM
Post: Hello: Tommy Tenney used to talk about provoking the Lord, drawing Him out, especially at times in our lives when it seems like the heavens are brass and the Lord is distant and withdrawn. Zacheus for example taught us that you don’t have to be of great stature to draw Him out. Zacheus just pulled himself through the limbs and branches of the closest old sycamore he could find. He got radical. And as He drew near, Jesus left the dirt road and parted the crowd, to come to where he was. If Zacheus could draw Him out.....what about you? Even if you’re locked up in jail, it can be done. Paul and Silas pulled their bleeding bodies up from the stocks that had them bound, and in the midnight hour, in the darkness of a dungeon, they began to lift up high and holy praise. And as they made melody with the psalms of their heart they opened up the heavens to draw him out..... Even an old blind man is not totally helpless in this endeavor. On the Jericho road Bartimeus, got radical and out shouted the crowd when the Savior passed his way. He couldn’t see the embarrassment on the faces of the crowd around him, he was fairly focused on the one thing needful, he had to draw Him out...Even when he met opposition....he would not back up, let up, give up or shut up...he was desperate so he cried out all the more, til he stopped the Lord of Glory in his tracks that day......what about you...........Hannah did it, Four men with their friend on a stretcher did it......a woman with an issue of blood did it..........Do the heavens feel like brass.........You can draw Him out if you pursue with wreckless abandon.........Get Radical.... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: GOOD NEWS
Post Time: 04/03/2014 5:23 PM
Post: Hello: The Gospel literally means “good news.” News is not something in your future, but something in your past. News is not news until it has already happened. So to proclaim the gospel is to report the good news of what has already happened in Christ. We are God’s reporters in this realm and it is extremely important that we give a factual account of what He has done and what that means to people’s lives. We are not to spice up or buffer the news in any way. It is not our place to manipulate the news, but to report it. “Good” means that this news is beneficial..... that it will be of benefit to those who become aware and avail themselves of it. History contains all kinds of news, but the best news is always good news. There is no better news than the good news of the finished work of Christ at Calvary. You may not add to it and you may not take away from what Christ has accomplished. One of the seven cries from the cross was, "It is finished"!! Paul said, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation"...Rom 1:16........the Power is in the good news... There are psychic mediums in the earth today trying to hook men up with the spirits of the dead. Media is so powerful because people are very receptive. They are naive, gullible and very easily deceived. They will accept or reject news based on how credible they consider the source. If money controls the information flow, then obviously money will likely slant the report to attract more money, to increase the ratings, to promote a political agenda, or whatever... In Christ, The Holy Spirit controls the information flow.....but remember a preacher, a teacher, or a herald of the good news is a type of medium too. Not of a dead spirit, but of that Living Spirit indwelling every believer. Media comes from a medium. A medium, is a go between, a middle man, an intervening force...Real lives are impacted by what you say. You have a sphere of influence and the power of the position God has given you. Be very bold and invest your talent for the Master. We are here to expand the Kingdom......the night comes when no man can work......preach the good news to your sphere or influence... Love and Good News Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: PASSOVER
Post Time: 04/02/2014 3:32 PM
Post: Hello: The Hebrews celebrated seven feasts.....there were three major feasts, Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. When you study the Feasts you must see Christ, until you realize that we are really feasting on Christ....and the finished work of Calvary.....and all of these Feasts are really pictures of His Covenant with man. Take eat......this is my body........After His resurrection He literally moved these feasts from the carnal realm into the spiritual realm so that we who are in Christ will be feasting for all eternity on the Bread and Wine. He actually went into the holy of holies and sprinkled his own blood on the mercy seat making Atonement, and reconciling the world unto himself, Tabernacles....and that blood did what the blood of thousands of bulls, goats and oxen could never do! The Passover, was quickly followed by Unleavend Bread and Firstfruits. In Passover, The unblemished Lamb, or the Lamb that was perfect, without disease.....or flaw...represented spiritually by sin....was tied to a post for four days......and examined. Four is the number of creation...four directions, four seasons, etc....on the fourth day, no spot or blemish being found, the head of household would lay his hand on the lambs head and cut his throat. The lamb was slain. A perfect sacrifice....He was roasted without water.....Today there is a lot of watering down of the Lamb...but it was to pass through the fire.....and to be consumed completely....that is exactly what Jesus endured spiritually on our behalf....Fire is symbolic of Judgement...He passed through the fires of Judgement on the cross for us....When John beheld Him from Patmos.....His feet were as brass......again a symbol of though they had passed through the fire.....The brazen altar......where the sacrifice was offered in the tablernacle, was covered with brass! Christ is our covering......or our Judgement....our Passover....Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the Sins of the World! To truly Behold the to get a revelation of Him. Let him who has eyes to see.....get a revelation of what the Spirit of God is trying to show us today. He always points to Christ! Passover is not some Feast for the ancient archives, the true Passover is a person........His name is Jesus..... He is come that we might have life and that we might have it more abundantly......Take it...... Love and Blessings Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: GOD'S ROD'S
Post Time: 04/01/2014 9:42 PM
Post: Hello: If you know me you probably already know that I love old vintage trucks, cars and tractors too for that matter, but these days especially trucks. For the last several years the Lord has had a ministry on the back burner of my mind, aimed at teens and young adults who may also love the old classics and some of us older guys who may have some wisdom to impart in that direction. You know, where we all get together, and work on a project a hands on, wrench turning, learn something, type atmosphere...and as you may have guessed, work in the good news.....of the gospel... The thing is...after many likely candidates had rejected the invitation to supper, the master sent his servants out into the highways and hedges and compelled whoever would to come in and partake of the meal that he had prepared. Today, a lot of folks are simply refusing to I say......lets compel them to come in so that the Masters house may be full and that those who will come may be filled as well..........the youth today are just like the youth of any other day........they are searching for Love and that’s just the thing we have......lets love on them and show them that we can meet them right where they are. So I want to take a little survey...because, one thing I don’t know is how high the interest level would be in our area for a ministry like this. I would have to go out and bring the type of people together that could make it happen and that is a lot of work. Then I would have to find out how many young people would be interested in this sort of thing....maybe we would call it....God’s Rod’s Vintage Classics.....I don’t know....the bottom line is........if you or some young person you know might be interested in a ministry like this......or if you know an older Street Rodder type who shares a love for vintage iron and has some knowlege to impart and would like to use his or her gifts in a ministry like this, share this blog, and if you think you might be interested, email me at I'll let you know what I hear! Love and Pickups Pastor Randy
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