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Post Subject: FEED
Post Time: 04/14/2014 3:29 PM
Post: Hello: The first Passover was a time when Gods children were in Bondage down in Egypt. Egypt is a type of the world and the worlds systems. And it took the blood of the lamb and the death of the firstborn to bring them out of the grip of Pharoah ( a type of Satan). In the midst of the darkness they feasted on the lamb. When Adam fell, God took the bloody skins of an innocent animal He had sacrificed and used it to cover His man and woman. This is another picture of the cross, a representation of the death of the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, and clothes us with His own righteousness. There is another depiction of the cross In John 6. Jesus lifted up his eyes and saw a great company had come out to Him and he asked Philip how they were going to buy bread to feed all those people. Jesus is about to feed a hungry multitude. His disciples had no idea what to do. How do we feed a hungry world today?....Philip like a lot of church leaders was more conscious of the need than the provider. His mind was more focused on the problem than on the Bread of Life who was right there with him. Philip was thinking, man, if I just had some way to give each of them a little bit. But God is not interested in’s not His way. He has come to give us life and life more abundantly....He wasn’t the only one thinking in the natural realm, Andrew said, we just have a little bit of stuff here, but what is that among so many. It would take a miracle to feed this crew! But he failed to realize the walking miracle was standing beside him. Jesus is the true Bread of life and we ought to be feeding on HIM. Jesus is our FEAST! In Him there is never any lack. In Him there is always Bread enough with 12 baskets left over. Twelve is the number of perfect government. He is the governor of our Kingdom. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. John 6:50 says This is the Bread that comes down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof and not die. Jesus said, take eat, this is my body which was broken for you.....we are to continually be feeding on the death of Christ.....That is why we preach.....Christ and Him Crucified......feed on that until revelation of the finished work produces the resurrected life in you...then just keep on feeding on the Bread of Life. Love and Blessing Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: MIRACLE
Post Time: 04/09/2014 1:24 PM
Post: Hello: Man yearns as much for miracles today as he ever did. Man was brought into being by a miracle working God. Because we were created in His image, we will ever yearn for miracles and that realm rightfully belongs to man. It was sin that blinded us and has kept us from finding the secret door that leads back to that lost real estate......that door is Christ...Is there a miracle element in Christianity today? Or did that all pass away with the death of those disciples we read of in the books of the bible? Are the miracle workers we hear about or see today just frauds, is it all hoodoo, or psychic phenomenon? We need to know the answers, don’t we? In our day, “modernism” led to “relativism” and that teaching has begun to dominate the religious forces of Christianity even to the point of denying the supernatural element of Christianity and reducing it to just an historical Christ or a personal ethical religion. The bible said that in the last days we will have a form of Godliness, but deny the power....II Tim 3:5 ....Welcome to fulfillment of Scripture...Here it is. The problem is that “relativism” leaves us without absolute truths about how we should think and live our lives on earth. So men can imagine just about anything to be true. This freedom has been just about universally embraced, and so every culture, religion and fringe group on the planet can claim their truths to be just as valid as anyone else’s......and that has led us to the reckless doctrine of Tolerance...which tells us that we should accept with equal validity the teaching of the Atheist or the Darwinist or Christ's..... This brand of “Tolerance” sounds so good, so kind, so benign, but it is actually rooted in hell, and in anarchy.....If you give too much free rein to a man’s imagination he will destroy himself. A distinction clearly must be made between right and wrong, good and evil, true and false and yet in our generation...the lines have been intentionally blurred. Who has that agenda? The enemy of our soul does!! Without absolute truth, the harmony and life on our planet will continue to be destroyed and conflict will always prevail. It is a recipe for chaos and confusion, not Miracles. God is not the author of confusion, but the author and finisher of our faith. Jesus is as much a miracle worker now as He ever was. Man needs His miraculous touch now, more than ever. Nothing but a return to this God of Miracles will save our land and nation. Jesus attracted the multitudes in His earth walk, by miracles, and He will still attract them to Himself today..He is the same, yesterday today and forever....The key is to ABIDE in HIM. He has blessed us with every Spiritual blessing in the heavenlies....if He did that then YOU are blessed....he has seated us together with Him in the heavenlies.......YOU are seated.....say what He says....think what He thinks....KEEP on saying it...KEEP on thinking it..........til it FLOWS into and out of your life..... Love and Miracles Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: VISION
Post Time: 04/08/2014 11:24 PM
Post: Hello: Everyone has heard the Proverb.....”Without a vision the people perish”. Actually this is a principle of the Word of God. The next part of that principle states: “he that keeps the law happy is he”. Listen, vision has to do with revelation and revelation is about revealing or unveiling something. In the context of the Word of God, we are always dealing with the unveiling of the person of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. That is where the light begins to shine. Heavenly revelation is not an event, it is a lifestyle. It is an ongoing and unending progression in the process of knowing Him. Without revelation of Christ and Him crucified, men are in utter darkness and stumble through this life with no light. Ultimately they destroy themselves and perish without God for a lack of vision, a need of light. Many mistake natural light, or intellect for vision, this too is darkness. We must walk through this world by faith in the revealed Word of God. That alone is vision or light or revelation. Jesus said to Peter regarding the question of his identity, “Blessed art thou Simon Barjona, for flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto you, but my Father which is in heaven”....Mthw 16:17. Men can believe nothing, until they receive light, revelation or vision from the invisible realm. Revelation always precedes faith. The Holy Spirit even has to bring men to a place of vision or revelation (or we could say draw men out of the natural realm and into the light) before they can come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Anything else God requires of them for the sake of the Kingdom also requires a similar enlightening, or vision. Once we are in the light, we must walk in the light as He is in the light. The Word is a Light unto our path and so we must continue in Him or under His rule by yielding to the Spirit. “Law” in this verse means directions or instructions, and refers especially to the Torah, which Israel lived under during the old covenant. The law then was written in stone.....but since no flesh shall ever be justified by law keeping, Christ came and fulfilled it for us and purchased our justification. We are now under a better covenant, Heb 8 says, and the law has been put on our mind and written in our hearts..... Christ fulfilled the law at Calvary, and the Spirit has indwelled us, and now directs our hearts and minds...... We are a Spirit Led people. Our directions and instructions come from Him. Truly, we are not ruled by a set of doctrines, by the Law of Moses, by a philosophy of life, or by religious dogmas. We are ruled by the Holy Spirit of Life, that abides with us. He will never violate the character of God and His function is to reveal Christ to us in an intimate and personal way.....As we yield our lives to His directions and instructions, His holy rule.......happy are we. Laying down our lives allows for His eternal life to flow through us and out of us. Out of your belly shall flow rivers..... His character courses through us and His fruit begins to hang on the branch. He will bring forth much fruit and the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Gentleness......Gal 5:22 As Paul said, for me to Live is Christ.......Christ means anointed...the same oil that is on the Head is also on the body......... Love and Light Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: JUDGE
Post Time: 04/08/2014 7:53 AM
Post: Hello: Have you ever been asked...Who are you to Judge? Well actually, I'm nobody! God has already judged. Our job is to come into agreement with His judgement. That really takes all the pressure off doesn’t it? God is the judge. God has judged the things that pertain to our lives and multitudes are still wrestling with the issues of life everyday because they refuse to get revelation of His Word and come into agreement with Him. Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you......For instance I talk with singles all the time...some boy likes some girl, she doesn’t have to he the one....he’s not even born again...stay away from him...there is a principle of God that has already judged not unequally yoked together with unbelievers....II Cor 6:14....If she wants to argue....just remember...this is not our judgement...this is heavens judgement...but it's still free CHOICE....we don’t have anything against this kid....we love him and want him to come into the Kingdom. She's still sure he’s the one! FINE. But the Word will not change for her, for me, for you, or for anyone else...and when you choose to transgress God’s principle, you walk into the curse, instead of the blessing of the Lord... knowingly or unknowingly, you will reap what you sow. Maybe you’ve got a guy wanting to go into business with you, he has a ton of cash, you have the equipment and the money, a match made in heaven, right? But he’s not saved. So wrong move. You don’t even think about it. Same principle applies. God has already judged this. Oh, it’s so tempting, because he has all that cash money and he’s ready to go, all I have to do is just say yes. Well, GO AHEAD IF YOU's still your choice....But God’s blessing will not follow violators. You will be on your own operating outside the parameters of His Word....These things are easy, peazy when you follow the Word of God. They may hurt your heart, they may rip up the emotions, but they are easy to judge, because you don’t ever have to make the call. It will hurt a lot more if you violate the principles of God...the wages of sin always work death! Maybe you’ve got a friend that wants to go in halfers on a boat, he’s got the cash, you got the cash, the boat is across the street, we both love to fish and we can have it tonight, and be at the marina at dawn.....he’s not saved but he goes to church sometimes....and he is my brother in law....that doesn’t matter......God’s principle is all that God has already judged this stuff...but it is amazing how many people....even ministers who wrestle with this simple stuff continually and they keep trying to gray the situation up with extenuating facts....and because they do......the blind are leading the blind....and many are falling into the ditch every day. Learn the principles of life....Apply them in every area of your life...If you don’t, the enemy of your soul is just lurking in the darkness.......seeking whom he may devour.......what about child raising, marriage, work ethic, friends, finances, you name it, God has already judged......learn the principles.... Love and Blessing Pastor Randy
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Post Subject: SWEET WATERS
Post Time: 04/07/2014 2:45 PM
Post: Hello: Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea victory three days into the Wilderness of Shur only to run into a place called Marah. The name means “bitter”. And the waters there were too bitter to drink.....bitter waters. It was a place that represents those situations and times of trial and testing that are inevitable in the lives of every believer. Lots of men are teaching that God sends these bitter waters into our lives, don’t believe it. God sent Christ to remove the bitter waters of life, to reverse the curse, not to add to our troubles. Some even say God is trying to teach us something by sending us heartaches, or maybe see how we will react to them. I don’t believe God is dealing us hell, and he already knows how we will react to the tests of life. He is omniscient. So what is the source of our trouble? By one man sin came into the world....There is, by the way, someone who does not know how you will react in times of adversity...and that is Satan..... The people were extremely thirsty.... desperate for a drink and they couldn’t drink the bitter waters of Marah. As they looked to the Lord, He showed them a tree.....that’s revelation. He unveiled something to Moses that will still help people in our day. Any time you read the scriptures, look for Christ and Him crucified.....the Lord showed him a tree that would make bitter waters sweet. That tree actually symbolizes the old rugged cross. God did not have to create something new for the dilemma Israel was in, he showed them a standing solution to their problem. The provision was already available. When you come to the bitter waters of life, God does not have to come up with something special for your particular situation. He isn’t scratching His head trying to figure it out. He isn’t puzzled. He already has a remedy waiting for all the bitter waters we will ever have to face. It’s all contained in the finished work! But God did not take care of the problem for them. They had to do it for themselves. They had to do something with the revelation He had provided and so will you! God will not put the tree in the water for you! You can sit on the beach and cry or you may complain about the bitterness of the waters all you want, but it will never change the situation. The waters will remain exactly as they were. God’s provision is found in the revelation of what he has already accomplished: Christ and Him crucified. What you do with that tree and the revelation you have of it........ well, that’s up to you.....You know He did not even bring you into the Kingdom without your cooperation......He gave you the revelation......but you had to get into the waters of baptism........Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them ALL....Psalm 34:19 Love and Sweet Waters Pastor Randy
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