Wild Beast Feast

Wild Beast Feast has become a tradition here at Sheepgate. It is an annual event designed to outreach area sportsmen who love the great outdoors. We typically have a turkey shoot, in the morning and striking wildlife displays. We also have area taxidermists and other vendors who set up their displays. After lunch we hear from an awesome speaker and have a grand prize drawing. Sometimes we have live music. Our cooks are amazing as anyone who has attended will attest to. Most years we have rattlesnake, crawfish, frog legs, gator tail, rainbow trout, turkey, wild boar, venison, rabbit, squirrel and more on the menu, although it depends on what wild game is available. We usually have the event on the first Saturday in March, after deer season and right before turkey season opens. Tickets go on sale several weeks prior to the event. If you love the outdoors, I assure you, you will love Wild Beast Feast.

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2014 Wild Beast Feast
2015 Beast Feast


Aaron and Mandy Hinshaw